proven natural remedies for adhd in childrenIn the US alone, every 1 in 5 children suffer from ADHD or ADD. These numbers are incredibly alarming and hence, treatment for the same is critically important. ADHD/ADD medications such as Ritalin and Adderall have been around for several years; and while they do help a patient cope with the cognitive disorder, long-term use can lead to ill-effects for many children and adults. In recent times, doctors have found great alternatives to these medications that not only help in increasing one’s attention span and memory, but also have little or no side effects.

What we’re referring to are nootropics which have proven to boost memory, recall, attention span, focus and other cognitive functions. They also have a positive effect on learning and language capabilities which ADHD medications don’t usually offer. What appeals to most people looking for alternatives to regular ADHD meds, however, is the fact that nootropics treat ADHD symptoms extremely well while also improving overall brain health and neural functioning.

How Nootropics Treat ADHD

Different nootropics target specific areas of the brain that are responsible for various cognitive functions. For example, you can increase energy levels, self-motivation and creativity with one supplement, while another can significantly increase alertness, focus, attention span and mental clarity. Many users of nootropics have experienced positive changes in their ability to concentrate on tasks and improvements in their problem solving skills. These major impacts on the brain’s cognitive functioning help kids and adults with ADHD cope in school and at work. But how do they work?

The same way Adderall works to maximize levels of neurotransmitters that are connected to the nervous system, nootropics increase activity of different neurotransmitters which also enhance focus, energy levels and motivation. The difference is, when Adderall wears off in the body, many users experience negative effects or sudden fluctuations in their mood, whereas most smart drugs do not have any side effects because they don’t interfere with the nervous system.

Nootropic Stacks + ADHD Medication

A nootropic “stack” refers to the process of combining different nootropics to get an enhanced, all-round benefit for neural health and cognitive functioning. Many users who stack smart drugs say that their focus and concentration has improved much more than the mild effects other nootropics had on them when taken alone.

In other cases, it is also possible to stack nootropics with your ADHD/ADD medications to enhance their effect while reducing side effects. One of the most recommended stacks for new users and children with ADHD is Piracetam + Fish Oil + Alpha GPC. The benefits of Piracetam are increased attention span, learning and memory capacity, while Alpha GPC helps strengthen its (Piracetem’s) compounds to work more efficiently. Fish Oil is added to the stack to balance the two when combined.

For people with ADHD, it is always advisable to use nootropics or stacks under the guidance of a physician. In general, nootropics are safe with only a few of the more powerful supplements requiring prescriptions for use.